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Best Places to go Sledging This Winter in Coventry

If you are excited about the snow forecast in the UK, there is another fun activity that you can indulge in. You can go sledging and enjoy the winters without spending too much money. If you are one of those who hates indulging in activities all alone, you should Coventry escorts to make you feel incredible.

The top places to go for sledging in and around Coventry this winter are as follows –

Coombe Abbey

The Coombe Country Park is one of the ideals is one of the ideal places in Coventry to go for sledging. The park offers more than 500 acres of beautiful gardens lakeside walks, woodland and bird watching. You can enjoy a wonderful day out sledging with your family members in this winter season in this park.

War Memorial Park

This park is the home to the three – day premier music event and the Godiva Festival of Coventry thereby making it a very popular choice among all the local residents as well as the ones living nearby Coventry. The place is just a lovely one for a perfect sledging experience in this winter season.

Allesley Park

Another of the very popular place for sledging in this winter season is the Allesley Park. There are some tarmac footpaths where you enjoy a good walk in the natural play areas and grass of the park. The park is situated between the housing developments and is one of the easily accessible parks in Coventry. Allesley Park is considered to be one of the most picturesque and the historic park in the town of Coventry.

Ryton Wood

Ryton Wood is one of the largest woodlands and has open access from the Ryton Pools Park. This fantastic woodland is excellent to visit all around the year, but it becomes special in the winter season. You have even a better time sledging in the park in the winter season which will give you a phenomenal experience.

Abbey Fields

This is a lovely family friendly park located in the dramatic valley of the Finham Brook. The presences of the grassy slopes are just great for sledging in the winter season which the people eagerly wait for.

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Why You Should Book Male Manchester Escorts

Are you a single lady looking for fun with no strings attached? Bored of the current dating scene that has seen you heartbroken countless times? Well, at Big Boys Manchester we are one of the leading providers of male Manchester escorts in your local area. Our lads travel the up and down the North West providing high-class companionship services to our female clients who learn that after the booking, they have had their eyes opened to what a night of passion truly feels like.

So the real question you are asking yourself is, why should I book a Manchester escort from Big Boys Manchester? You could book a male companion for yourself to see what all of the fuss is about, but if you are a little more cautious, here are just a few reasons our male escorts receive amazing reviews on a daily basis.

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Every single male Manchester escort that is part of our ever-growing agency is passionate about delivering high-level companionship services. Not only do our guys want to indulge in your every fantasy with you, but they aim to make you feel special. We demand a level of service that leaves our clients feeling more confident, stress-free and overall happier. That is what sets our male agency apart.

A Wide Variety Of Companionship Services

Please do not get escorting confused with prostitution. Our services range from dinner dates to stripping at hen parties. Michael has earned the nickname Magic Mike because of how his dancing background has helped him become an in-demand stripper and lap dancer. Manchester boasts a number of amazing restaurants and hotels such as Hotel Novotel (M1 4LX) which are perfect if you do desire a more intimate booking.

Unrivalled Rates

There is always an element of risk when booking escorts as there are many scammers looking to make a quick pound. Big Boys Manchester is an established and reputable escort agency that has grown because of our high quality and cheap rates. We want to make our services available for any of our female clients and for that reason hourly rates start as low as £100. You will not find better value for money in the industry.

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How Does Tantra Differ From Sensual Massage

When exercising Tantra, the beginning is just as important as the end; the finale involving a multi-layered climax. ‘That’s odd,’ you think. ‘Why is Tantra often confused with a sensual massage London if the principles and desired outcome are completely different?’ The answer is that both are arousing massages and by default, they have become synonymous with the other, as well as any other massage that increases erotic awareness. However, a sensual massage does not follow a unique and highly methodical procedure.

The aim of a sensual massage is to touch in an intimate manner and then offer quick hand relief. Although this will make the client feel relaxed, the sensation will only reach a superficial level. In fact, some consider such a mechanical approach to massage as a waste of energy. It does not exercise any form of patience and neither does it leave the client with a lasting sense of fulfilment. A tantric massage London, on the other hand, will focus on all of the body’s most erogenous zones, applying soft pressure whilst combining an energetic exchange from the tantric masseuse to the client.

A tantric massage requires skill, patience and a whole lot more…

A highly skilled tantric masseuse, such as the individuals at Pamper Tantric (, will be able to take her client on a journey in which he experiences peaks of exhilaration and troughs of relaxation. Unlike a sensual massage which only requires basic hand movements, a tantric masseuse’s hands will stay on the body at all times, moving continuously and fluidly. Her experienced touch will improve blood circulation, elevate your mind to a higher conscious level and increase the flow of your life energy. This type of massage will enable you to slow down and be in the moment.

London tantric massages incorporate methods used in Swedish and holistic massage but these techniques are preceded by rhythmic breathing in order to fully relax the individual. A push-pull approach to stimulation and attention to arousal points in the body will guide the client into a state of alert equilibrium and euphoria will, inevitably, ensue.

Tantric massages in London are amazing at what they do and this is due to the fact that it takes a great deal of time and sheer dedication in training before a masseuse can claim to understand Tantra. A tantric masseuse in London will have trained for a minimum of one year before she can emulate the correct qualitative touch. A comprehensive tantric escort can raise the client from a state of Beta to Alpha; that is, a level of alert equilibrium to that of a detached awareness. And latterly – if the tantric massage London is exceptional – an REM dream state, otherwise known at Theta.  Developing a sense of intuition, governed by the hands, is not as easy as it sounds. The tantric therapist will not rush her service; transcendental restoration is not something that can be done in fifteen minutes. Through peaceful movements and traditional methods, a London tantric massage can help elevate you and release anxiety built up in the body.

Why is rhythmic breathing so important during a tantric massage?

Breathing slowly and continuously allows the client to transcend into a meditative state, thus relaxing all the muscle groups and connective tissues. Letting go of our psychological tensions is instrumental to relieving our bodily vexations.
A tantric massage London will combine the metaphysical concepts of Tantra philosophy and the physical touch of Swedish massage. A Swedish massage will not include breathing techniques that increase the amount of oxygen carried to our cells and tissues. Deep, steady breathing also stimulates the nervous system so that every touch from the London tantric massage has a pronounced effect. The heightened sensitivity that the client feels during the massage will carry on throughout the day, hours after the tantric massage has been completed.

Tantra requires an instinctively intuitive masseuse who is also trained in the correct hand movements and effleurage techniques. Tantra-listing experiences come from those who take the practice and core principles seriously. Through sacred touch, you will feel ‘in the moment’, you will feel a rush of intense endorphins throughout the day and you will sleep deeply that night. We encourage you to book a tantric massage in London for the ultimate nightcap.

Who do we recommend?

If you’d like to try a tantric massage in London out for yourself then, as previously mentioned, we recommend the service of Pamper Tantric.

pamper tantric screenshot

As one of the fastest growing and highly rated massage parlours in London, we can wholeheartedly recommend Pamper to anyone simply in search of the sensual bliss that comes with such an incredible service. They offer their service at an affordable price, as well as holding one of the most impressive and comprehensive galleries of any massage parlour in London. Head over to their website today to book the ultimate tantric massage London has to offer!

Check out their gallery here –

Tips For Booking The Perfect Reading Escort!

If you have decided you’d like to book the company of a hot young Reading escort then here are a couple of tips that will make your experience as enjoyable as it can be.

  1. Pick your agency. When it comes to reading escorts can’t recommend anyone more than Pleassure Girls:  The reason we recommend this particular agency is because they are 100 percent transparent and offer an incredible customer service that always supports both its clients and escorts. Definitely worth a look!
  2. If you venture out on your own to another agency make sure you do at least minimal research on them. The company of Reading escorts can truly be amazing but if you pick a website that is not honest or reputable you might end up not enjoying your experience. Something as easy as reading their FAQ and looking for reviews should be enough to make sure you are getting a quality service.
  3. When picking your companion make sure to read her profile. Pictures are, of course, very alluring but you want to also make sure you and your date are a good match. Profiles usually come with all the information you’ll need to decide including photographs, prices, statics and even a personal description on the companion themselves. It’s important to be careful with the pictures of certain agencies as often the less reliable agencies use fake ones. Another reason we recommend Pleassure Girls
  4. Also, read up on the different services and make sure that your expectations are right. Professional escorts such as the girls at Pleassure Girls offer a wide range of different services, e.g. GFE, and depending on the service itself there may be a slight difference in price. For example, many companions who offer A-Level service tend to charge an extra £50. So, be sure to do your research!
  5. Don’t stress too much about preparation.  It would be great if you’re residence was tidy and escorts always appreciate a shower before-hand, but overall the experience should be completely stress-free so focus on looking forward to it. The one thing that we do recommend is having the payment reading for when she arrives so that there are no issues at the end of the session.
  6. Have fun! Meeting with hot escorts in Reading can be nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first time. So, focus on keeping a level head before the big event, because once it begins you’ll be in for the experience of a lifetime! Of course, if you do have any worries simply give the agency you’ve booked from a call & get them to help you out.

Check out Pleassure Girl’s Reading Escorts!

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Incredible Latin girls all over London!

Before we talk about what you can expect from the incredible Brazilian escorts in London we thought we’d make your life a little easier and give our recommendation for who we believe the best choice is for booking Latin hotties. For us, it has to be the amazing services offered by that of Lilith Escort. This is an agency that we’ve found to always provide a consistent and high-quality VIP & Model escort service that gives you the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the company of some of the UK’s most incredible female companions. Check out their website if you’re interested in finding out more!

lilith screenshot

What is it exactly about these tanned goddesses with bodies that would question the existence of angels on earth – so how else can we verbally celebrate God’s work? We’ll do our best…

Brazilian escorts are fun – yes, FUN! A Brazilian escort in London loves to dance, even when there is no music. Even their wavy beach hair seems to move when they are standing still. They manage to pull off Samba moves to drum and base in an underground nightclub and even make the bouncers smile.

They have an abundance of confidence, which interestingly is never intimidating. Instead, the all-encompassing love that these gorgeous elite models demonstrate brings other individuals out there shells, turning any intro- into an extrovert.

The energy is addictive and since the smiles never stop, you may find the party doesn’t either.

Brazilian girls never fail to deliver

Their curves could disorientate a compass and they work on their figure to ensure they look their very best all the time. A Brazilian escort does not slack at the gym and she certainly eats her five a day. It’s no wonder that most of the world’s top lingerie models all hail from Brazil.

A London Brazilian escort will make an effort and dress gorgeous dresses in coordinating outfits.

One thing we have always noticed with Brazilian escorts is that height is never an obstacle. Indeed, there are gorgeous tall Brazilian escorts but there have been mind-blowingly stunning petite Brazilian escorts in London who rock the sweet charm they possess.

Latin escorts are accommodating!

They love to entertain and make a client feel welcome. Their apartments are plush and decorated tastefully – you will find it very hard to leave.

Any effort from the client’s side – gifts, restaurant & theatre bookings, compliments – is met with intense gratitude and kindness. There are no airs and graces with a London Brazilian escort; you will feel as though you’ve known each other for years.

For a guaranteed good time, we highly recommend booking a Brazilian escort. Their looks, charm and playful nature will always leave you with fond memories.

For those of you already decided on booking why not check out an article for more information on how to make your experience that much more unforgettable. Click here.

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Famous and Affordable Hotels in Coventry to Spend the Night

With its close proximity to London and plenty of history, Coventry is one of the top tourist destinations today. Thus, there are plenty of hotels available here to suit any budget. For those who are planning a visit there soon, we present some of the most famous and affordable hotels in Coventry where spending nights, as well as day, would be nothing less than a dream. By staying at one of the top hotels, you show your sophistication and style. We also have many Coventry escorts ( for you to choose from with whom you can spend some intimate time. You will find blondes, brunettes, redheads and more in our gallery that offer outcall and incall to keep you well truly satisfied and entertained.

  • Britannia Coventry Hill Hotel

Located at about 6.5 km from the Coventry University, this is a 3-star hotel which offers you a reasonably luxurious stay. With its own restaurant and bar with lounge, self-parking facilities, and various other amenities, the hotel is a pleasure to stay. The rooms are comfortable and cosy and offer you all amenities like hair dryers, safe, room service, etc. You have a free Wi-Fi in public areas of the hotel. Most customers leave the hotel on a happy note.

  • Holiday Inn

The hotel might be situated on the outskirts of Coventry but is located in a prime location. It provides easy connectivity and access from the M6, M1 and M69 motorways. The fully air-conditioned accommodation, it provides all basic amenities for a comfortable stay and is quite budget-friendly.

  • Village Hotel

Strategically located in close vicinity of Coventry University and West Orchards Shopping, the hotel is a popular choice for tourists. The hotel boasts a restaurant, a bar/lounge, and even a full-service spa. The hotel has about 146 rooms, and each room comes with amenities like a hair dryer, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, free toiletries and even rainfall showerheads to pamper each guest. Room service, phone service, and even ironing boards are also available to make for a comfortable stay.

  • Coombe Abbey Hotel

The hotel is located about 8kn from the Coventry University but 22 km away from Warwick Castle. Touted as a boutique hotel; some of its highlight features include a restaurant, a conference room and an open lounge with a bar. It has about 119 rooms which offer you all amenities like tea/coffee maker, hairdryer, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, etc. It also offers you a 24-hour room service. Other perks include concierge services, a terrace, and even self-parking facility.
By choosing one of our beautiful new escorts, you can share the experience of being in this lovely town with them. All of our escorts available tonight our perfectly comfortable and easy to meet new people every day. To book our lovely escort, you just need to call us, and we will take care of the rest. You can be assured that your meeting will be treated with the utmost discretion.

Sexy Luton Escort

Top hotels for overnight bookings with Luton escorts

Overnight bookings with escorts and companions tend to be the most exciting, especially when you are in an area like Luton which is home to some of the most remarkable hotels. In Luton, you will find a brilliant range of luxury, affordable and pleasant places to spend your evening in the company of an escort in Luton. Here is our latest article, you can find some brilliant hotels which are best for visiting with Luton escorts which can be found here: ( for multiple reasons. From impressing your chosen companion to treating yourself to a luxury stay in one of Luton’s outstanding hotels, after having a quick read through our article you will have a good idea of excellent places to visit for your overnight booking with Luton escorts.

Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

Starting off is a very good option if you plan on impressing your chosen Luton escort and arriving in style with a stunning lady by your side. The Hilton Garden Inn Luton North hotel is an excellent option for those who have done long hours of travelling because this hotel is located nearby to the Luton airport. The staff here are helpful, polite and very welcoming which adds to the overall experience from the moment you arrive!

Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

Chiltern Hotel

For an epic overnight stay with sexy Luton escorts, we highly recommend the Chiltern Hotel. This hotel has very comfortable and spacious rooms perfect for those short getaways. A highlight that this hotel offers is that breakfast is including so after a relaxing evening with a hot escort in Luton you can look forward to a delicious breakfast in the morning too! For everything this hotel has to offer the value is excellent which is why we believe it is a fantastic option to spend an evening at in the company of a Luton escort.

Holiday Inn Express Luton

The last option we would like to put forward and recommend to you if you are planning on making an overnight booking with a beautiful Luton escort is the Holiday Inn Express. The rooms available at this hotel are very comfortable and modernised for a more luxury feel which is a great addition to what already is an outstanding hotel. Holiday Inn Express is one of the top airport hotels in Luton and visiting alongside sexy Luton escorts only makes the overall experience much more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Holiday Inn Express Luton

Sexy Escort in London

Why winter is the best time to book escorts in London

During this time of year when the cold finally arrives and the days get a little shorter, you will find it is the greatest time of the year to use the various escort services London has available. There are a lot of reason which makes this time of year better than other seasons for booking the company of escorts in London and inside our article, you can find all of the reasons why.

To start, the first reason why winter is the best time to book London escorts is that this is the time of year that agencies tend to be the quietest. There are many reasons for this but a huge factor is that during this time of year people tend to look at saving for Christmas and the upcoming holidays. Another reason is that during this time of year many people try and escape the cold winter by going on a holiday, this results in agencies not being their usual busy selves. For many during the winter months, it is a time to save and wind down getting ready for the New Year ahead.

Winter in London

Due to agencies not being as busy as usual you will also find that the ladies working alongside the various top agencies in the city are also not as busy too. This gives you more options to choose from when booking escorts in London as you will find that the ladies are in fact more widely available during the winter months. It is very rare that you will call an agency during this winter and find that she is not available for booking even though she is featured on one of the top agencies in the area such as Mayfair Models (

Winter is an exceptional time of year to be booking London escorts because there are more exciting options during this time than any other time of year. London puts on and showcases some incredible venues exclusive to winter which can make your booking with a London escort much more interesting. Escorts in London appreciate any effort you make for your booking and by taking her on a date to one of the unmissable winter events in London you are bound to have a remarkable experience in her company.

See the capital when it is truly transformed into a vibrant eye-catching wonderland with the phenomenal company from any of the available escorts in London this winter. We hope you now understand that if you are planning on booking an escort in London this winter is the time to do so, don’t miss out and call one of the top providers in the city like Mayfair Models to book your excellent experience.

Escort in Surrey

Dinner Dating With Surrey Escorts

Surrey escorts are some of the most beautiful, intelligent and accommodating ladies in the UK and always enjoy being treated well by punters who like to spoil their female companions. This are the kind of companions you can book exclusively by getting in touch with Pandora’s Little Secret. Though many regular clients like to book a quick in or out call session for their convenience, sometimes a longer and more relaxed dating experience is a popular choice as it allows them to get to know their escorts a little better. If this sounds like something you may like to try, there are hundreds of great restaurants and bars in the Surrey area that would make perfect venues for this kind of escort date.

For those who enjoy elegant, refined food in a luxurious surrounding, a fine dining experience can be one of the best ways to spend a couple of hours with a seductive surrey escort. The Tudor Room in Egham enjoys rave reviews online and serves European and modern British classics, including an extensive vegetarian and vegan selection. Similarly impressive is the Clock House, which also specialises in the best of modern British cuisine. For those who enjoy traditional, classic French cuisine, La Barbe in Reigate is one of the best establishments in the South of England.

Tudor Room in Egham

If fine dining feels a little too fussy and pretentious for you, you certainly aren’t alone and there are a range of moderately priced but still very impressive restaurants in surrey. Dastaan is a reasonably priced Indian restaurant that offers expertly prepared classic curry dishes that have prompted many of its customers to leave glowing reviews that include more than one recommendation for a Michelin star. Another option that won’t break the bank is Mezzet, a quirky and very well managed Lebanese restaurant that has a diverse menu of Mediterranean and middle eastern dishes, including an impressive selection of gluten free and vegan options.

Sometimes you can’t beat simplicity when it comes to finding tasty food. A satisfying, well cooked burger and a big plate of nachos can really hit the spot and although many escorts in Surrey are used to the finer things in life, the outstanding American influenced menu at the White Hart is hard for anybody to resist. If you prefer your pub food to be a little more traditional, the Sunday roasts and classics like steak and ale pie at the Donkey in Tilford keep it busy on most days of the year.

If you aren’t hungry, you may prefer to grab a coffee or a couple of drinks with your Surrey escort friend. If this is the case, the Bull’s Head in Reigate is a lively and popular pub that can be great place to enjoy a couple of excellent beers from local and national breweries. Those who prefer a late drink and a bit of music dancing could head to Komo in Guilford, one of the town’s most popular nightclubs. Whatever you decide to do on your date with a red hot Surrey escort, you will always be able to find right kind of venue to make your experience a memorable one.

A complete guide to Bedford

Top Attractions in Bedford that are a must visit

There are some fantastic things for everyone to do in Bedford. The town is well connected with bus services and rail lines making it a great place to visit during the weekend. Whether it is historical sites or cultural sites, you can find some great places that you can discover here. If you are worried about getting bored on the trip, worry not. Apart from the different places of attraction here, you can also hire gorgeous Bedford companions to accompany you to these sites or to spend intimate time at your hotel.

Check out the most amazing places to see in Bedford to help you plan your perfect trip to Bedford.

Wrest Park – The beautiful park has an amazing design that has been done for over three centuries. It is known for its unique gardening style that was laid out about one and a half centuries before. You can explore the garden buildings along with the Baroque pleasure pavilion Bath House and the orangery. The garden is spread over 90 acres of land where you can discover some great statues, fountains and more.

Shuttleworth Collection – The Shuttleworth collection consists of a countryside area with eight hangars. All of these hangars have an aeroplane engineering workshop, cloakroom along with a garage. The others also have some great collection of aircraft. During the season, even other operators display their aircrafts alongside the famous ones that were flown during the Edwardian period, First World War, Second World War and during peacetime.

Image result for shuttleworth collection

Woburn Safari Park – Woburn Safari Park is spread over 300 acres of land and have about 1000 animals living there. The park includes road safari and foot safari, and the guests are free to choose what they would like. Some of the animals that you can spot here are rhinos, antelopes, Amur tigers, North American black bears, timber wolves, African lions, giraffes, monkeys, elephants and more.

Image result for woburn safari park Image result for woburn safari park

The Higgins Bedford – The Huggins Bedford is located on the north side of Ouse. It is an Art Gallery and Museum that was opened in June 2013. The lovely Victorian style mansion displays some of the beautiful pieces of art from the 19th century. The famous gothic room designed by great English architect and designer William Burges need not be missed. You can also spot artwork by renowned artists such as Picasso, Burne-Jones, Warhol, Cotman, Gainsborough and more.

Image result for the higgins bedford

Apart from the above, you can also visit other places like the Bunyan Museum, Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve, Panacea Museum and more others. With a beautiful and talented guide like one of the many beautiful girls at Bees Angels, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time while having fun visiting the different tourist attractions in Bedford. You can make the trip more convenient by hiring one of the escorts from their extensive gallery. All of their escorts are trained to help their clients take advantage of their stay while enjoying the different attractions of this stunning town. If you want to maximize your time and please, treat yourself to an intimate companion for your stay in Bedford.

Top Bedford Nightclubs You Do Not Want to Miss

Of course, alongside all the many attractions there are those of you who may be interested in Bedford’s thriving nightlife:

Bedford is known for its lively nightlife as it has world-class nightclubs that you can visit. With the stunning Bedford Escort by your side, you can have a fun night that you will not forget for many days to come. All of Bees Angels’ escorts in Bedford are stunning and classy. They love to enjoy themselves as much as you do. Just check out their gallery and book an appointment today. Here are the top Bedford nightclubs that you should visit if you want to party hard –


Website –

Empire is one of the top nightclubs in Bedford. Spread over a two-room club with great interiors, it is surely going to take your breath away. With modern lighting and sound system, special VIP booths and top DJs playing at the club every week, it is quite popular with the young crowd here. The nightclub is known for its 18,000 crystal chandelier that hangs right in the middle of the dance floor that offers an unforgettable experience to the guests. They offer a wide range of alcoholic drinks and food for their guests.


Website –

Vogue is another club that is a crowd puller because of its amazing music, food and drinks. With two floors, the club is known to have some of the most happening parties in town. The club has 3 party rooms, 4 bars and 2 outdoor seating areas making it very spacious. The club hires the top DJs from the UK and other parts of the world so that their guests can have an enjoyable time. The place can also be rented out for private parties and events.

The Chapel

Website –

The Chapel is known for its vibrant atmosphere that guarantees to keep their guests on their toes. Their team of DJs, artists and entertainers deliver the best music and acts for all age groups. The clubs have four rooms and always have offers on their menu making it pocket-friendly as well. All entries before 11 pm are free and all students entry is free. The club hosts a number of events during different days of the week and you can check out the various events on their website.

Apart from the above three, you can also explore many other nightclubs in Bedford such as Yates, Bedford Esquires, The Pad Nightclub and more. All of Bees Angels Bedford escorts are hand selected to ensure that they are able to provide a true girlfriend experience to their clients.

bees angels screenshot

Bees Angels give you a wider choice of escorts to choose from their gallery that is updated on a daily basis with more independent escorts signing up for us. Their amazing escorts in Bedford will give you a glimpse of the lifestyle that you had always wanted to have. Browse through their website where you can see all the details about their stunning escorts before you make a booking. Bookings can be made on 07804309116.