A Perfect Picture of Karina from Kristal Escorts

Northampton in a Nutshell

Having fun in Northampton with Kristal Escort who offer the companionship experience like no other. You can have everything you want from this agency who offer the girlfriend experience like no other. Home to gorgeous companions who are waiting for you to call for a romantic evening. Getting to know one of these escorts in Northampton will mean you have a companion for life who can be there for you whenever you call. Having the company of such a beautiful women is an experience like no other, very difficult to describe however you will know exactly what we are talking about when you try for yourself.

The Best Northampton Escort Experience

No matter what time of night you feel like having some company you can call. We do advise that you book in advance so that you secure your date. Each of the Northampton escorts have been carefully selected to ensure they are at a high standard. The reputation of this agency has always been high so you can be assured that they will go above and beyond to make sure you date is very special. Find out more about the girls by reading the information on the profile pages. Their images, bio and stats are all listed so you can make your decision.

A Truly Exceptional Time in Northampton

Your time in Northampton should always be something to remember so make sure you take time to explore the different possibilities. We hope that you plan to book your time with Northampton as you will not be disappointed. With how many beautiful women they have you will be sure to meet the women of your dreams. Booking your appointment is easy as you can either call or book online. There friendly staff will be more than happy to help organise your evening and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Bangkok Tourist Guide: Travelling, Safety & Booking Bangkok Escorts

Tourism in Bangkok is booming now more than ever and Bangkok escort agencies are making the most of it. Besides the excellent food, fantastic scenery, abundance of history and heart-warming culture, Thailand has quickly become one of the most visited destinations for those in search of meeting a beautiful Asian girl.

Why are the Thai escorts Bangkok Provide so Popular?

The boom in the Bangkok sex trade has read to many asking a very simple question; “Why do people come so far to meet Thai girls?”

Thai girls have built a reputation as being some of the most flawless females throughout the globe; this comes down to many factors including:

Thai Girls are Petite:

On the whole girls in Thailand are more petite than most females and it seems that this is one of the main driving forces for people choosing to book escorts in Thailand apposed to near their home town.

Thai Girls are Feminine:

If you’re a man that loves feminine girls with soft skin, high-pitched voices and innocent smiles then chances are, Thai girls are right up your street. Another similar point to note is that Asian girls like to “dress like dolls” and wear short skirts which drives men wild.

Thai Girls look Young:

Plenty of gents have a thing for girls in their 20’s and “teen escorts,” this is just one reason why people travel to Thailand for their models. In this country the females seem to look, act and sound younger than that of their western counter-parts.

Kinky, Tight and Loud in the Bedroom:

Asian girls are known as being more kinky, passionate, tight and loud in the bedroom department. Whether this is true is probably dependant on which girl you choose to book but due to this stereotype many expats choose to move to Thailand to meet a “lightweight” companion.

Culture Dictates that Thai Girls are More Respectful Towards Men:

Whilst the Western hemisphere has made movements towards improving the standard of women’s rights, the Thai population has moved more in the direction of reinforcing traditional roles and values.

With emphasis on respecting one another, Thai residents are much more peaceful than most, which is just one reason why this part of the world makes for such a great trip. This increase in respect means that the women you meet in Thailand are much less likely to be rude, bashful or disrespectful compared to their western counterparts.

Whilst female escorting may not be part of their “traditional value system”, it’s definitely an integral part of every culture and with women so beautiful, it’s no surprise that booking Bangkok escorts has become such a popular pastime for expats.

The Sex Industry in Bangkok is Cheap, Cheerful and Diverse:

The Thai nightlife is huge and incredibly fun. With a huge and diverse range in clubs, bars and parties to get involved in there is plenty to enjoy when booking with an escort in Bangkok. It’s not only the range in nightlife possibilities that is diverse however; the sex industry in Bangkok is equally as diverse, if not more.

When booking companionship in Bangkok, you’ll be able to choose to book a male, female or ladyboy in Bangkok. Of course, you’ve probably already heard about the famous “ladyboys of Bangkok” who tend to be even more attractive than most females in the area. This can either be a god-send or seriously confusing for a tourist to the area.

No matter what type of adult entertainment you’re looking for in Bangkok, I’d definitely recommend booking with a reputable escort agency such as Absolute Angels Bangkok so that you can ensure your needs are taken care of in a safe and secure way. The contrast is taking the time to visit a go-go bar, buying drinks for a Thai girl and then having half of your possessions stolen… you choose.

Booking escort girls in Bangkok tends to be cheap and cheerful. For only 5,000THB you’ll be able to meet an escort at Absolute Angels Bangkok for two hours. In this time you can enjoy a whole host of services, from tour-guides, to party-girls, to dinner-dates to an even more hard-core porn star experience that probably brought you here in the first place.

The escorts in Bangkok provide HARD-CORE Services:

Everybody has heard of the ladyboys and “ping-pong girls” in Bangkok. Little did you know, pretty much every fetish is being serviced in this adult playground which is another huge driving force for people travelling to the region.
The range of services most Thai escorts offer includes:

  • Full Service (Sex),
  • BBBJ (Blowjob No Condom),
  • CIM (Cum in Mouth),
  • COF (Cum on Face),
  • COB (Cum on Body),
  • DFK (Deep French Kissing),
  • GFE (Girlfriend Experience),
  • 69 (Sixty Nine),
  • HJ (Hand Job),
  • A-Level (Anal),
  • Rimming (Giving and Receiving),
  • Toys,
  • Strip Tease,
  • Lesbian Show,
  • Give & Receive Oral,
  • BDSM and Domination,
  • Dinner-Date,
  • Tour Guide,
  • Massage Services: Oil Massage, Nuru Massage, Body to Body Massage, Prostate Massage, Testicle Massage,
  • Duo bookings.

Staying Safe with Escorts in Bangkok

As you have probably guessed by now, Booking Thai escorts isn’t always safe and it’s important that you take care of yourself in order to make the most of your time in this glorious country.

So, how should you stay safe in Thailand? Follow these steps (in no particular order):

  • Research destination before you go:

By researching the area you’re travelling to before you go, you’ll be able to learn where is safe and where isn’t as well as getting a better grasp of the area as a whole.

  • Avoid risky places:

If there is somewhere notorious for being rough, just avoid it. It’s not even worth the hassle.

  • Get injections before you go:

When travelling overseas it’s imperative that you get all required injections before you get there to avoid any chance of getting sick with a foreign illness.

  • Be careful what you eat and where you eat it:

If the restaurant/takeaway is popular with the residents, it’s probably a safe bet that it’s okay to eat there.

  • Have an Emergency Contact:

Make sure to save an emergency contact number if you’re travelling alone, if you’re with somebody, try to stay together as much as possible to avoid any problems.

  • Bring Reserve Funds:

In case you spend to much or have your wallet stolen, make sure to bring enough “back-up cash” stashed away somewhere so that you can fall back on it. There’s nothing worse than being stranded abroad with no money.

  • Don’t Trust People too Quickly:

It’s easy to get carried away by the romance of being overseas, however, make sure that this doesn’t alter your opinion on people too easily as there are a lot of “sketchy fellas” looking to take advantage of your good nature.

  • Wrap Before you Tap:

If you do choose to sleep with someone whilst you’re away, make sure to use protection to stay safe. Whilst there are plenty of beautiful Thai escort girls in Bangkok, remember that they have probably been passed around a fair bit.

  • Book With an Agency:

On a similar note, make sure that if you book any Bangkok escorts, that you do so with a trustworthy escort agency. This will reduce your risk and ensure that there is someone to answer for any problems you may have.

  • Keep valuables close to you, or, somewhere safe if you are meeting an escort:

This goes without saying. If you are abroad, keep your items safe!

  • Only take what you need with you:

Much like above. Take any steps necessary to keep your items safe.

  • Be careful how much you drink:

Be careful not to drink too much, this will leave you vulnerable to those looking to take advantage.

  • Blend in:

Tourists are the number one candidate for those looking to take advantage of somebody. If you look like you blend in then you’re much less likely to be putting yourself at risk.

Aceescortsaustralia photo

A Brisbane Escort Experience – From Ace Escorts Australia

Ace Escorts Australia always looks for ways to get involved with the escorting community and the clients we provide our services to. With this blog we will go through the various outings that can be had when booking Brisbane escorts.

With Australia being such a popular country you will surely realise just how exciting activities can be when sharing the experience with a gorgeous escort. Whether its the day life you crave or the nightlife that keeps you up, you can always find a pleasure to do in this gorgeous country.

Enjoying the Sun with Brisbane Escorts

There is no doubt everyone knows about the heat in Brisbane, but many of us love the sun and will spend as much time in it as possible, for those who love their day time then you will love these recommendations for when you book Brisbane escorts.

George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant s a restaurant that has a lot to offer and not just seafood is on the menu, as once you make your way into this gorgeous restaurant then you will find a charming atmosphere which can leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Not only does this restaurant have the best seafood in Brisbane, but it can also be the perfect venue for a date with a Brisbane escort, as many of these first moments can be nervous, visiting this restaurant can ensure a calm and relaxed evening.

Make sure you visit the website for more on the menu and location, as many customers over the years have rated it 4 stars and can be just the ticket to a bite to eat.

Sono Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant for those who want a cuisine with energy, as this Japanese restaurant has everything it needs to make sure your taste buds light up. It has been rated a marvellous 4.5 stars by the general public and once you have dined here, you will soon realise why. Elegance and comfort foods echo through the building creating a wonderful atmosphere.

The perfect venue for a couple getting to know each other and of course a escort with her clients, if you would like more information about this restaurant then make sure you visit the website for further information.

The Night Life Brisbane has to offer

Of course there are many of us that have a natural love for the night and what the night brings, and here we have some great recommendation for the party animal within you and how you can share this experience with escorts Brisbane has to offer.

Sonny’s House of Blues is a club that has to be recommended as many of the customers have rated it a wonderful 4.5 stars, and this shows just how popular this club is. With such an array to offer this is a club that can keep you entertained for many hours, and can also function as a perfect venue for two party animals that can certainly bring you two closer and of course break the ice.

If you would like more information about the nightclub and what is available to you then make sure you visit the website for further information.

Luna: A blonde escort in Luton.

Meeting Luna: My Luton Escorts Experience!

I have been to Luton in the past and one thing you realise quite quickly is that most of the activities you can take part in here could be enhanced with a woman by your side. When spending a short period of time somewhere, you start to realise that the bars, restaurants and clubs will not be able to satisfy your need for female companionship that night; at least not the way which you imagine. I think and realise that if I am going to have the outstanding experience I desire, even if only for one night, my best option is to book an escort in Luton… what a wake up call!

I Begin to Research the Escorts Luton has to Offer!

Once I realised that for me to gain the type of instant gratification I desired, without spending all of my money, getting drunk and waking up somewhere obscure; I was ready to commit and find the sexiest escorts near me, but where would I find them?

At this time I was in my hotel room, I still remember opening my phone and going on to google, before searching for “Luton escorts” and thinking “what am I doing?”. Was I worried? Sure, but more than anything I was curious just to find out what would happen, I was hoping that I would be able to spend some time with a woman in my area in the atmosphere of a lovely restaurant, but could one of these Luton escort agencies really deliver the girl, and the experience that my heart desired?

After scrolling through Google and various Luton escort directories for a moment, I decided to book a girl called Luna, a beautiful escort in Luton who seemed to be exactly my type. I thought for a moment and decided to pick up the phone and call the agency. I dialled and waited, before I could even think “nobody is going to pick up”, somebody did.

I heard a female voice on the other side of the phone asking “how may I help”; I enquired about Luna, asked some questions about what she likes, how open-minded she is and whether she was available. After a brief discussion I decided to book my first Luton escort… boy was I nervous!

Luna: Blonde escort in Luton

I Decided to Book a Female Companion with a Luton Escort Agency!

So it was decided, I was to be meeting Luna at 8pm. Would she be who she appeared in the escort gallery? Were her “stats” accurate? Would she be friendly? Would she like me? At this point I had a million questions running around my head, I was so close to calling it off but I knew that it was too late… I had to go through with it.

I had two hours to get ready, it would be enough but I still felt like I needed to rush. I had a shower, put on my best clothes and groomed myself. I was still nervous but now I started to feel a bit more confident and I by this point I had talked myself up to go through with it. It felt funny to act like a single man again… I grabbed my jacket, got my keys and hopped in my car, it was time for “the night of my life”.

I arrived at a restaurant in Luton that I had always wanted to visit, there were plenty of reviews online about the food and apparently the atmosphere was ‘romantic’, this would be fine right? Within a minute of me being outside, Luna arrived and my jaw simply dropped. Not only was she as beautiful as she appeared on the Sugar Date Escorts website, she was even more gorgeous and had a sparkle in my eyes that I’ll never forget…

Luna in lingerie

A Date with Luna: My First Sugar Date Escorts Experience in Luton

I greeted her and introduced myself, she smiled and said “Pleased to meet you, I’m Luna”. I took her hand and we entered the restaurant, this was most definitely going to be the Luton escort service which I had imagined and boy was I excited!

We drank some wine, and talked for a while, before eating what might possibly have been the most delicious meal I have had in Luton. Everything seemed to be going well, I was enjoying myself so much that invited her back to mine for a night-cap, to my disbelief she agreed, I think this Luton escort might actually like me!

I called a cab and we made our way back to my hotel, we talked and laughed a lot in the taxi, she was being nicer to me than any girlfriend I have had previously, it was a cheaper experience too and I realised how comfortable the situation made me, finally, a truly no-strings attached experience.

This was what I had been waiting for, this is what I needed, the paradigm-shift that would revolutionise my view on relationships. No longer would I be overly attached to girls; it’s far more fun to just have a great time with outcall Luton escorts and not have to worry about any complications. I realised that without attachment you can still feel romance, lust and gratification. That’s when I woke up.
Luton model Luna

A Night with Escorts in Luton: Passion, Lust and Exploration.

Luna, the Luton escort I had decided to book with came inside my hotel. My housemates were out, I thought “Great!”. We went upstairs to my room and I grabbed her another glass of wine, we talked for longer and it seemed like she was actually quite in to me, it occurred to me that whatever happened tonight was between two consenting adults either way, I no longer felt guilty for having chosen to book an escort, this moment had set me free.

After our drink I glanced at Luna and noticed her looking in to my eyes, she looked beautiful. I asked her if I could kiss her and she said yes, I finally felt her soft lips. Before I knew it things started to get heated, with the subtle backdrop of my mix-tape. She noticed I was enjoying the song, pulled away and asked me “Would you like me to dance?” Who could say no?

Luna began to give me what I could only describe as the most intense and erotic strip-tease I have ever seen. Her tight, athletic body writhing across mine as she took off one piece of lingerie after another… before I knew it she was naked and the sexual energy in the room was through the roof! I had never been this excited for a night with a girl and now I knew why, what had I been missing out on all of these years?

Without going in to detail, from here on out we had a very sensual experience and she provided me with the highest level of ‘skill’ that I had ever received. Her talent for satisfying a man was unbelievable and she know each and every thing that I wanted her to do before I could even say it… and more!

It was 2am, I was lay in bed sweating and tired from an hour of true bliss. I had to be up in the morning for work so I asked her to leave kindly and she gave me a smile before going. I went to that bed that night feeling incredible, what a mind-blowing experience!
Luna: Athletic body and golden hair!

Meeting Luton Escorts: A Mind-Blowing Experience!

It’s official, since meeting my first Luton escort I have been converted… this experience is not to be missed out on! Seriously! How did I never know! no matter who you are, you can meet the girl of your dreams within one hour and be having the best experience with a female that you have ever had!

Luna for me was an eye-opener and I have now realised how incredible girls can be, so long as you find the right one! Luna was so kind, welcoming and seductive; whilst her confidence and out-going personality gave me the strength I needed to see a different perspective on dating.

Now I understand that meeting any girl should be, and only be, an exciting experience!

Luna: A blonde escort in Luton.

Lose all of your inhibitions today, book an escort in Luton and experience adult entertainment in it’s prime!!

bed domination

Why not look in on Knightsbridge!

As one of the most well-known areas in all of London, you can never go wrong with a visit to the beautiful area of Knightsbridge. Based in West London Knightsbridge is known as one of the retail centre points for London, as well as being one of the biggest residential districts. As a celebrated location for tourists, it is definitely somewhere you should try visiting! Of course, don’t enjoy it all alone.

Where to go for the best companions

Bed Domination is a reliable agency who offer affordable prices on a range of extremely impressive Knightsbridge escorts, each and every one of which is available to you! Our girls vary in their interests and characteristics, so depending on what attracts you personally they will have the right girl for you! However, their Knightsbridge escorts are different from your average ladies; their girls specialise in a form of pleasure available to those looking to take their desires to a whole nother level. This service is known as domination, and offers an array of different experiences for you to choose from!

bed dom screenshot

Places to explore

Of course, we appreciate you might want to know a little about the best places to go before you decide on a companion. As previously stated Knightsbridge offers so much for you to explore starting with one of its most well-known locations: Harrods! As one of the most well-known shopping havens in the world’s Harrods in appreciated worldwide as one of the UK’s most staple luxury clothing stores. Definitely worth a look!

harrods  harrods1

If you enjoy a drink or two then why not check out some of the bars and clubs available. The Mandarin Bar offers the perfect atmosphere for you and your date to share a relaxed drink in one of the most high-class bars in Knightsbridge. Furthermore, if you’re looking for something more like a nightclub then why not try Boujis, an amazing choice if you’re looking to experience the very best of a night out in London.

boujis  mandarin

Be sure to check out Bed Domination’s website for full details or simply give them a call on 07809138166.

A night out in Mayfair

What could be better than a night out in Mayfair with genuine high class London escorts? At least with these escorts you’re going to get a girl who knows her way around!

Places to check out

Here’s a look at some of the places you might like to take High class London escorts and some of the places they might like to take you. They don’t just sit in their apartments waiting for you to call you know, they go out and have fun like everyone else. Here are a few places they like to go.

  • The Luggage Room – Grosvenor Square. A nice 1920’s atmosphere in here. You actually enter through a back room door, but then it is a former luggage room of a hotel! It’s a really nice (and pricey) place for cocktails before dinner and our high class ladies escorts love it there!

the-luggage-room the-luggage-room1

  • Coburg – The Connaught Hotel. It’s a hotel bar, with bartenders who dress to impress in the old fashioned style. Perfect if you’re staying here anyway of course, but you don’t have to in order to enjoy a fine cocktail with a Mayfair escort.

the connaught hotelthe connaught hotel1

  • Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Bar – Knightsbridge. We know it’s in Knightsbridge, but we thought we’d better mention it because it’s not too far away and it’s a firm favorite with Mayfair escorts. In fact it’s a firm favorite with virtually all the beautiful people in London. This is where you’ll meet the classiest of men and women having fun in the evening. Expensive drinks, but great atmosphere!

harvey nicolsharvey nicols1

New Mayfair escort Nina!nina

Park Lane Escort’s new girl Nina is doing very well in Mayfair at the moment. She loves it here and she’s always out and about, whether she’s with a client or not. It’s worth drawing your attention to her at the moment because she’s actually one of the cheaper high class London escorts available at the agency and she’s looking to make some new contacts from those who have yet to experience the Park Lane Escorts experience. They try their best to promote new girls as and when they can, so they are sure she’d appreciate you popping along to check her out and maybe make a booking!

Recruiting Manchester Escorts

Boss Agency: Manchester Escorts Recruitment

One of Manchester’s top escort agencies “Boss Agency” currently has vacancies in the North-West for female escorts and if you’re a guy you may even land yourself one of the few male companion jobs available here.

Agency recruitment is always busy at this time of year with the sun coming out and everybody finishing for college or university, so if there is ever a time to join one of the escort agencies or Manchester model agencies available throughout the north-west, it is now!

“Amongst all of the Jobs Manchester has available, Becoming a Manchester Escort May be your Perfect Profession!”

Are you a model, or looking for adult work? I expect that by finding this you may be in search of modelling jobs or one of the driving jobs Manchester has to offer. By becoming part of the escort industry you are able to choose from breadth of high-paying jobs such as:

  • Manchester Driving Jobs
  • Manchester Admin Jobs
  • Manchester HR Jobs
  • Manchester Modelling Jobs

You may be sick of bar jobs or having to use the job centre Manchester provides to find you work, maybe you have searched for one of the many gum-tree jobs Manchester has to offer and have still fallen short. This is no surprise as the majority of jobs offered by these companies are low-paying, low-skilled jobs with little reward in terms of cash and employee satisfaction.

If you have been looking for any of the graduate jobs Manchester has to offer I’m sure by now you have found that they are highly-competitive and rare to come by, this is why I’m here to suggest that, even for a little while, you try your hand in the adult industry and bag yourself a job as an escort in Manchester.

Many recruitment companies may offer jobs in north-west that simply don’t suit your needs or don’t pay a satisfactory amount. If you are comfortable with your appearance, confidence and ability to socialise, becoming one of the escorts Manchester has to offer may be a great way to earn some cash whilst meeting interesting people. If you’re in search of the agency work Manchester has to offer, look no further than Boss Agency who are able to provide plenty of work as part of a friendly and professional team.Boss Agency Banner

The Positives and Negatives of Becoming an Escort in Manchester

Joining a Manchester escort agency may sound like poor advice, however this is only if you have little idea of what is truly offered in this profession and the many benefits of joining. Below I will weigh up the positives and negatives of becoming a Manchester escort.


  • Meet new people,
  • Try new food,Melanie, Manchester escort at Boss Agency
  • Explore your sexuality,
  • Learn more about your area,
  • Great money,
  • Exciting Profession,
  • Will develop interpersonal skills,
  • Improve your confidence,
  • Build connections with high-rollers and important members of society,
  • Manage your own hours,
  • Choose your own clients.


  • Can make you nervous to meet new people,
  • Must be able to detach self from client,
  • High-Risk profession (Although most agencies tend to minimise this),
  • May receive bad clients,
  • May need professional photographs,
  • Takes time to build up reputation and receive clients,
  • There is a fine balance between too few and too many clients,
  • Must know laws surrounding industry,
  • May need to hide your profession due to negative stigma.

Having known the adult industry in Manchester for some time now I am certain that you will most definitely enjoy providing the girlfriend experience punters enjoy so much. Contrary to initial belief, rather than feeling ‘cheap‘, knowing that somebody is actually paying for your time is actually a very positive sensation and will make you feel like a million dollars.

If you feel ready to become a companion for one of the leading Manchester Escort Agencies available throughout the north-west, be sure to be careful which agency you join and ensure that they are safe.

If you are looking for advice on becoming an escort, why not try one of the following websites:

New Escorts Information
Why Girls Become Escorts
Escort Industry Legality

Escort Advice
Escort Safety

Escort from Boss London

The penultimate guide to cheap London escorts

We’re big fans of saving money at Eternity escorts, we have enough in the company coffers to book high class ladies forever – but why pay big for an escort that provides a completely equal performance to ladies on the lower end of the spectrum?

In our experience, the only idiots who are willing to pay £600 an hour for regular escort services that don’t go beyond the extraordinary are foreign businessmen with a childish or less discerning demeanor. No offence intended, but most of us don’t make £600 in an hour, never mind being able to callously toss it into the hands of a call girl!

So, we are amassing a guide containing all of our favorite cheap London escort agencies below. This article is subject to change in future, we will try to keep it updated with new cheap escort services and replace outdated or no longer in business agencies. Read on, if you are looking for a top notch experience at the lowest price in London!


About this guide

If you haven’t already guessed from our introduction, this article is simply a collection of cheap London escorts. We have chosen each agency below based on some basic criteria:

  • £150 spend for each hour maximum. Escorts over £150 are not cheap, in our opinion anything over the £120 price range is no longer cheap (sorry, some of our picks don’t abide by this)
  • A good escort service. We’re not compiling a random list of cheap escorts here, we are only adding agencies that don’t scam their customers. We’d feel horribly shitty if you took our recommendation and ended up getting ripped off.
  • Active providers only. We’re trying to keep this list of Cheap London escorts accurate & legitimate, so you can call or take the link to any agency below and start booking today. If you’ve ever found the perfect escort and she’s no longer in the industry, you will understand this one.

Additionally, we have ordered these agencies in what we think is the best order from top to bottom. If you are looking for somewhere to book a cheap escort in the London area and are struggling to make a decision, we honestly recommend picking one of the top 3 services and giving them a call.


Our list of the best Cheap London escorts

We’re stating this again for posterity; this list is in order of best to worst. Therefore, if you are clueless when it comes to booking escorts, just call one of the cheap London escorts providers in the top 3 of this list.

Try not to pay too much attention to the description, it is just our short opinion of the agency itself, and therefore may be a little biased.

Bubbles Escorts – New agency from late 2016, our current favorite

An escort from the Bubbles agency

Per Hour Booking prices: £120

Booking Line: 02075196969

Website: http://bubblesescorts.net/

Description: It is a real shame our top pick for cheap London escort agencies turns out to be £120 per hour, rather expensive right?

However, Bubbles Escorts compensates up for the slightly higher service price in spades with some of the best escorts in London. There’s a large gallery, most of it is real London escorts – and the ones we’ve personally booked have turned up excitable and very proactive.


X Girl X – Still new, competitive rates and dedicated girls

An escort from X Girl X

Per Hour Booking prices: £99

Booking Line: 07471099471

Website: http://www.xgirlx.co.uk/

Description: Starting a new escort agency in this market isn’t easy, but X Girl X seems to have managed it just fine. We may be ranking this agency at number two on our list because we have booked from them recently, but it doesn’t change the fact that this new cheap London escort agency brings the girls & the customer service.


Northern Star – Possibly the most confusing escort service ever

An escort from Northern Star escorts

Per Hour Booking prices: £90

Booking Line: 02037449494

Website: http://northernstarescorts.co.uk/

Description: We refused to book from Northern Star escorts initially because the URL address is entirely different from the site brand. It looks & sounds completely sketchy, and we still think it is suspicious today.

After a serious telling off from a regular punter in London, we decided to give Northern Star Escorts a try. They aren’t bad, they just have a stupid website.


AJ’s London Escorts – AJ’s is always popular for short notice cheap appointments

An escort from AJs

Per Hour Booking prices: £90

Booking Line: 07504911524

Website: http://www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk/

Description: We don’t tend to book from AJ’s London Escorts often any more because we’ve moved on to other services. Regardless, this cheap London escort agency still deserves a mention because they are one of the top providers in the city for low priced companions.


London Escorts Dot Net – Good agency on the cheap

Escort from Londonescortsdotnet

Per Hour Booking prices: £120

Booking Line: 07899700700

Website: http://www.londonescorts.net/

Description: What we love about London escorts . net is the continually new additions to the website. There’s always at least one new girl on the site, and whilst the booking prices are on the higher end of cheap – it is worth it for the customer service & exclusive girls.


Boss London Escorts – Brand new agency with some of the ladies from AJ’s

Escort from Boss London

Per Hour Booking prices: £100

Booking Line: 07468465140

Website: https://www.bosslondonescorts.com/

Description: Boss is a new agency that has a few of the ladies from AJ’s on there and a few new girls. We’ve given them a try purely for the purposes of this article and it is a thumbs up service.

It’s a shame most of their ladies can already be found on AJ’s, if they had a few exclusive females on there we’d be happy to book from Boss again.


Gem Sparkle – Surprisingly, they are a real agency

Escort from Gem Sparkle

Per Hour Booking prices: £120

Booking Line: 07946017778

Website: http://www.gemsparkle.co.uk/

Description: We were averse to putting this agency in the article initially because they have a terrible website, but the Gem Sparkle girls themselves are actually okay when it comes to cheap London escorts.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to say about Gem Sparkle at this point because we have only booked from them twice. Watch this space!


Charlotte Action – They definitely have the lowest rates

Escort from Charlotte Action

Per Hour Booking prices: £79

Booking Line: 07947875604

Website: https://charlotteaction.org/

Description: We couldn’t finish a list of cheap London escorts without mentioning the most notorious of the lot. Charlotte Action offers escort appointments in central London at the price of £79 per hour. The only way to get escorts at a lower price is independent. Still, the Charlotte Action Escorts leave much to be desired, which is why they are currently so low down on our list.



Heavenly from Sexy Kent Escorts

Museums to visit with a Sexy Kent Escort

At Sexy Kent Escorts they have a wide variety of Kent escorts providing a great escorting service to the local area. In this blog I will be discussing what can be done this summer when you decide to spend it with a Sexy escort in Kent.

No matter what you decide to do this summer it can be quite difficult and overwhelming when it comes to choosing what you would like to do. When in Kent, there is no doubt that a fun and interesting outing can be visiting the vast amount of museums in and around Kent, with each of their escorts enjoying an interesting day out, it can quickly become a great plan, no matter where you are in Kent.

Ashford Borough Museum – This characterful and unique museum has been rated 4.5 stars by customers over the years, it is based at 18 Church Yard, Ashford, 1QG and was originally the Ashford Boys grammar school built in 1635 and happens to hold all of the character from that time, such as the classic arch like doorways found in churches and there’s no doubt to why as the museum is housed in a 17th century Grade II listed building found in the heart of the Church Yard at Ashford’s town centre. This quirky museum has been recommended by the Ashford escorts from Sexy Kent Escorts as being one of the best museums they have been to when travelling around Kent, this ensures that it is a great museum to visit and both you and your chosen escort will love every minute.

Hever Castle & Gardens – This museum and garden is rated excellent by over 1000 customers, and is recommended for those who enjoy the outdoors just as much as they enjoy museums. The area itself is superb and shouts elegance with every inch. There’s no doubt why this museum has become so popular, as Hever Castle was the childhood home of the very famous Anne Boleyn, the intriguing and brave wife of Henry VIII and mother of Liz I. This gives the museum a great reputation and of course explains why it is so grand and so elegant, this can easily become the venue you’re looking for as you can have long peaceful walks around this gorgeous garden, with a Sexy Kent Escort.

Hever Castle - Kent


A Dinner Date with your London Escorts

There is no doubt a dinner date with a London escort in a classy, elegant restaurant would be a romantic night to remember and being in London that can escalate quite dramatically, with 5 star restaurants at unbelievable prices around every corner, we at Movida Escorts would like to recommend restaurants in and around London on what we think is luxurious yet affordable.

London is one of the best known cities in the world and with that comes reputation and of course, a whole lot to offer when it comes to shops, entertainment and bars but more importantly cuisine. There is a wide variety of cuisine in and around London and this can definitely leave you feeling overwhelmed when you come to choose. In this blog we would like to help make the process easier by recommending these affordable yet luxurious restaurants for you and you London escort to visit.

The Brasserie Zedel is a grand restaurant located at 20 Sherwood St, Soho, London, W1f 7ED with classic brasserie dishes and general French cuisine. It has real character throughout and leaves you feeling like you’re in Paris itself, the walls are decorated with a 1930’s vibe and the restaurant itself is very spacious holding up to 100 people at any given time. Your chosen London escort will be over the moon with this restaurant with its hearty and unique cuisine, with wonderful character flowing throughout, this gives the restaurant a lovely atmosphere and ensures a warm welcome, not forgetting this smart restaurant is very affordable and won’t drain your wallet if this is where you would like your date.

The Brasserie Zedel

The Yalla Yalla is a small yet exciting restaurant found at 1 Green’s Ct, Soho, London W1F 0HA and happens to be an eager recommendation from one of our escorts in London. The restaurant itself serves wonderful Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine and they also serve sweet pastries for those who can’t escape their sweet tooth. The restaurant has a modern interior and definitely gives a welcoming feel once you’re in and seated, putting this all together the Yalla Yalla is rated 4.0 by the public, their food is luxurious and exotic, their restaurant is modern and welcoming, but of course their dishes are tasty and affordable, making sure the only thing you’ll be spending is quality time with your chosen London escort.

So there you have it, 2 recommendations to prove London isn’t always going to be a drain on your wallet, and with a agency like Movida Escorts you will also be able to book a London escort without your wallet running dry.

Begin the search over at their gallery page and see for yourself why they are a well though of and reputable agency in the scene, they have a policy of what you see is what you get and you always know that images and girls are professional and 100% genuine.

We would like to recommend one girl in particular from Movida Escorts to you and that is Raisa, a beautiful European babe:

raisa 8